Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Playmates and friends

Jack is funny when it comes to his play mates. You can see in playgroup that all the kids have different personalities. Some are the life of the party and really outgoing, some are super quiet and shy. Jack is, of course, somewhere in the middle. He tends to get overwhelmed and grumpy around big groups of crazy toddlers. But he's happy to play with one or two kids at a time. Some might say he takes after his parents in this instance. Those people might be right. But it's been fun to see him get older and start to recognize and get excited about seeing his friends. Maybe excited isn't the right word but he definitely knows them know and interacts with them more and more every week. He especially loves his favorite friends. Here he is playing peek-a-boo and giving high fives to Nicholas.



 His other friend Madelynn came over last weekend. They are so cute together. She shares Jack's love of grapes (and silly faces).



 Later in the day, Jack's oldest friend Violet joined the duo. She seemed a little wary about this new girl at Jack's house and gave some serious side eye. I'm pretty sure she gets that from her mom. ;-)



  1. i think excited is the right word! they seem to love it when familiar faces show up. i've seen jack's face light up, it's so cute.

    aww, look at my baby's perfect side eye! she has also been fine tuning her eye roll. i'm so proud.

  2. These posts always make me wish EVEN MORE that I could have PQ Posse playdates. (And Violet's expression is CLASSIC.)