Saturday, July 7, 2012

Week in Review - 6/7/12

This seemed like a very short week with the holiday in the middle.  Luckily John had an easy week so he was home early a lot of nights and we got some quality family time.  In the photo above he's mesmerized by his teacher singing a song in our mommy and me class.

With all this daddy time, John got to perfect his "riding on shoulders" move and Jack LOVES it.  It's his favorite way to travel.


 One of Jack's favorite activities lately is matching shoes. He'll put his hands up like "where are mommy's shoes?" and then he'll run to my bedroom and get them. One at a time. So that he has to run back and get the matching one. It's pretty cute and he's always excited when he brings me the shoes. The other day he brought out four pairs and was so proud.



 Aunt Leslie visited this past week which meant one thing...Pepe was here! Jack loves Leslie's dog is so taken with him when he's around. Follows him everywhere. He was quite excited to see him eating his dinner and kept pointing out the dog food to Pepe as if he didn't see it.


 He also quite enjoyed Pepe's bed and thought he'd try it out for himself.


 And now more pics from the week!

Yum!  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are awesome!

Having fun in a friend's yard with her water snake

Looking perplexed in the wagon

Exploring the flag he found in our front yard...courtesy of the local real estate agent.


Showing me where his eye is

Tunnel into kiddie pool.  Genius!


  1. Cute pics Lisa! Funny how his legs look yellow in the pic of him on the play equipment, must of been the light :)
    He is turning so blonde isn't he?!
    And that photo of him holding the flag is so cute and funny, I wonder what he was thinking :)

  2. maybe he's also psyched that his mama has so many pairs of cute summer shoes! and the joy of pb&j cannot be denied. that was my favorite food for my entire childhood. love that pic the mostest.