Wednesday, July 25, 2012

San Diego Zoo

Last week when we were in San Diego my sister-in-law was nice enough to invite us along to this little kiddie program that she goes to at the Zoo.  Apparently once a month they take a little mommy and me group into the park early and a zoo employee walks the group through one featured area.  This month it was the sea otter exhibit and Jack got to watch as a zookeeper fed the otter and told us all about him.  Not sure how much Jack actually learned because when I quizzed him later about the feeding habits of otters he just stared at me and motioned for more goldfish.  

After looking at the animals, the zoo employee led us to the little pavilion theater area where it was story time.  After the book, we walked out and next door to the Balboa Park miniature train.  I knew Jack would like it but he LOVED it.  Not sure if it was our seat mate (a giant stuffed animal panda) or all the animal statues along the track.  He was so excited though!!



Of course, I completely failed to get any pictures of Jack with his cousins because everyone seemed to be running in opposite directions at all times.  But I got a few more pics in the zoo.

"Look ma, a giraffe statue!"

I love a kid in a nametag

Looking very suspicious about when the water spouts were going to start

Wee!  They started!

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