Saturday, July 28, 2012

Week in Review - 6/28/12

(performing his favorite move...diving from the rocking chair to the couch)

I have to say, this kid is growing by leaps and bounds.  Developmentally I mean.  People warn you that it happens very fast but it's so cool to experience.  He says new words every day which is very thrilling.  Whether it's 'hot' or 'pool' or 'ball' or 'hat'...John and I get excited about every new word and sound. 

His favorite foods are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and mac n' cheese.  He just can't get enough of either.  And for spoon-fed food like yogurt and applesauce, he insists upon using his own spoon.  He gets approximately 1% of it in his mouth and the rest ends up on his shirt, hands, face, and hair.  I just step back though and let him explore.  I'm sure one day he won't be quite as messy.

One of his favorite toys remains his tool box.  He's very good at using the screwdriver to turn the big screws.  This week though he found a real screw on the back of the box and now he's confused as to why his screwdriver isn't unscrewing it.

Jack likes to run, no more walking.  One of the moms in our playgroup taught him this "ready, set, go" stance with arms back and he thinks it's awesome.  He throws his arms back and takes off.  Check out his speed!

 The lil' guy really seems to really like letters and numbers right now.  We spend a lot of time reading alphabet and number books.  And counting anything and everything.  And pointing out letters.  Wherever we may find them.


Now, don't get excited. My son isn't a genius who can spell already. But he is getting good at picking out letters in words when we ask him. And the one word I do think he can spell is ZOO just because it's in so many of his books.

 And now, (TONS) more pics from the week!

So excited to run out of his tent!

Herculean strength!

he's so casual about brushing his teeth

Maybe you wouldn't fall asleep in your stroller at 10am if you'd sleep past 5:30am!

giving his tough face

helping mommy clean

He loved climbing up these soft, round, "steps" and then sliding all the way down on his tummy

being a good sport for mommy

telling me how "hot" the concrete was


  1. Oh my gosh Lisa he just keeps getting cuter and cuter!! I adore all of these pics, he is just gorgeous :)

  2. Seriously're making us all look bad. Jack can read and spell and knows the alphabet at 17 months old! Such a cutie! You look like you ALWAYS enjoy the activities of motherhood. I'm impressed!

    1. Karen, you're insane. My son can not read nor spell. He knows a few letters and that's about it. But my favorite part of your comment is that I always enjoy motherhood. Ha! I've clearly fooled you all. :)