Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Tsunami of Development

Well, I've certainly been neglecting this blog.  I have about 2000 (no exaggeration) photos to go through from our travels back east and it's just too daunting to sit down and do at 9pm.  So I thought I'd just do a little post about what Jack's up to.

I swear, in the past 6 weeks he's aged light years in terms of development.  He hadn't really been saying much before that but now he says a lot!  Since I can't seem to write coherently right now, I'll just make a list of all the cool things he's doing:

1.  Saying about 15 of 26 letters of the alphabet.  And he can recognize all of them and pick them out.  Loves his fridge magnets!  And loves to yell out "O!" and "S!" and "D!" etc when he sees letters on signs, posters, and papers.

2.  Can say about four numbers (#8 is his favorite) and loves counting everything.

3.  Pretty much insists on feeding himself with a spoon rather than taking mommy's help

4.  Says new words every day much to his mother's shock.  We'll be reading a book and suddenly he'll yell out "tree!" or "cat!" or something he's never said before.  And I feel like he's understanding the books more.

5.  Loves the color blue (it's the one he can say) and only wants to wear blue shirts in the morning.

6.  Appropriately says "hi" and "bye" when people come and go.

7.  Since he rests his head on daddy's shoulder and daddy pats his back, he has started to do the same to daddy...pats his back to reassure him it's okay.  Pretty cute.  Combine that with his now perfect pronunciation of "dah-DEE" and it's just too much.

That's all I can think of now but I know there's a billion more things.  Oh well.

And, as a bonus, just because I think it's cute, he makes the funniest sound for his "where?" when we're reading a book. It's kind of fake because he usually knows where the animal or picture is, but he makes the noise anyways. So cute.


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  1. He is growing in leaps and bounds Lisa!! I have loved watching him get older and develop more and get cuter with every single blog post!!! Not that he could possibly be any cuter :)