Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer vacation: The Flight


 Well, since I do have thousands of photos from our trip, I figured I'd break them up into sections. That way I can bore you with vacation photos even more days in a row! :) I have to say that I was pretty nervous about the flights. My number one worry was nighttime sleeping but number two was the flight. Five hours is a long time to contain my male toddler. But Jack did great! He was excited to go, especially with a sweet backpack on!


 Of course, the backpack ended up being more for looks because if we put anything more than his water bottle in it, the weight of the backpack made him topple over. So, he carried his water bottle...we carried everything else. And man, there is so much to carry with a kid. We decided to bring the car seat on the plane because we had a seat for him. It was nice to have I guess but lugging a giant car seat through the airport wasn't fun. And I wanted to check our umbrella stroller but the Southwest employee told me that Baltimore airport "was really big" and I might want it. I think she just didn't want to bag it and check it. So we took that along as well. On the flight home we actually checked the stroller and the car seat because we didn't want to deal with it all. Lesson learned. Jack and his daddy had fun waiting in the airport terminal and looking at all the planes.


 And running back and forth (and back and forth and back and forth) on the moving escalators. So fun!


 The flight itself went as well as I could have hoped. He was somewhat excited by the fact that we were on a plane and liked looking out the window on take off. And then he was intrigued by the lights, the a/c vents, the window shades that went up and down, the trays, the magazines, etc. And when all that wore off, he turned to his books.


 And then he played with his toys.


And then he played with the awesome "quiet book" that his Aunt Kelly made him. Made of felt it had velcro letters, a shoe matching game, magnetic fishing pole and fish, and more fun. Jack loved it! (and still does)



 Finally, John rocked Jack to sleep and the little guy took a short nap for an hour in his car seat (until the very loud flight attendant came on the speaker). 


 But we got some much needed down time.


All in all, he was a gem. Not even much kicking of the seat in front of him. Good job buddy! The plane landed and he was off and ready to go...


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  1. Such cute pics Lisa, I am glad for you guys that Jack enjoyed the flight as much as he did :) It sure makes it easier on you!