Saturday, August 4, 2012

Week in Review - 8/4/12


 As Jack creeps closer to 1 1/2 years old he gets cuter and cuter and more and more difficult. :) First, the cuteness.


 I mean, really. He's adorable. And loves his mommy which is awesome. But he has also learned how to say no and has no trouble using it. And, something more troubling to me, sometimes he gets in these moods where he is seriously anti-social and doesn't want to share. He'll start crying if someone is using the truck he wants or on the slide he wants to go down. Not just sad but pissed off. Sigh. I have tried to do what I can when he gets like that but I guess it'll just take time before he learns to share and be, well, nicer and friendlier. In the mean time, at least he's pretty smiley when he's at home with me.


He is really into letters and numbers now. Here he is practicing saying his alphabet with daddy in the bath.


 As usual, he can't get enough running and climbing and jumping. The kid loves some good action-packed playtime.

the middle of a really intense jump

"ready, set, go!"


 And now, more pics from the week!



making chalk drawings

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  1. I have absolutely adored watching Jack grow up over this past year!! He's a real little boy now :)
    You always remind me to take more pictures lol
    Good luck with the stage he's going through, jokes aside it can be difficult so stay strong and remember you are a GREAT mum!!! xoxo