Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday Parties for kiddos


Check out that giant blow-up water slide. Whoa. That was at one of the two birthday parties we went to on Sunday. Quite a set-up for a one year old. Of course, it wasn't for the baby but for some of the 85 (!) guests who had assembled. I have to say, standing in 100 degree heat, I totally wished that I was 8 years old so that I could go down that slide. Looked pretty fun. Of course, Jack was too young for that but he did play around in the kiddie pool. The kid sure loves water.

jumping up to make a big splash

making a break for it

Our second party was for a two year old and they had a bouncy castle. Elmo's Fun House to be exact. And, man oh man, Jack loved it. I think his daddy liked it even better and the two of them were in there for probably an hour total. They had to keep taking water breaks because they were sweating but it was pretty darn adorable.


John showing Jack how to get some air


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