Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer Vacation: Philadelphia


Well, our next stop was Philly. The drive from DC to Philly was unfortunately the lowlight of the trip. Four hours and poor Jack was not having a good time. Lots of crying and breakdowns which was pretty painful to listen to while sitting in traffic in the middle of nowhere.

Sadly, our Philly plans changed a bit. We were planning on staying two nights with our friends who have a little girl the exact same age as Jack. But as we drove that day we found out that little Cate was really sick with a fever so we decided that we shouldn't stay there, lest Jack got sick and made his parents miserable for the next 10 days. So we drove to Philly to meet some of our other friends and go to the Please Touch Museum which we had heard a lot about. The place was amazing! I highly recommend if you're in the Philadelphia area. It is absolutely giant and in a gorgeous old building. There are so so many interactive areas for young kids...perfect for Jack's age.

I realized looking through my pictures that I did a terrible job documenting our trip. I don't know if it was because I was busy chasing my toddler around but I have very few pics. We met our friend Bryan there as well as our friends Jocelyn and Rob with their 1 year-old, cutie Mathilda. Sadly, this is the only (terrible) picture I got of the two of them.


Well, that pic and this pretty adorable one of the two Syracuse daddies.

There was one of those "Big" pianos on the ground that Jack was intrigued by.


Next we went over to the rock climbing wall with floor mats and Jack went wild.


Not sure what's going on here but I know it involved bouncing and rolling and jumping.



Next we headed on over to the "Olympic Training Center" in honor of the Summer Games. Jack ran on the treadmill, with Rob's help. And took a few laps around the track. I'm pretty sure he'll be a future track and field star. Or, if he gets my speed...NOT.



Later we moved some bricks and took a ride on a moving ship.



Luckily we tired him out with a day at the museum. We had a another two hour drive ahead of us but luckily he chose to sleep through the drive.


Next up, Harrisburg, PA!!

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  1. Looks like a fun place to take kids! I bet Jack had so much fun, by the looks of the pictures he did and it was exactly what he needed apparently, to help him sleep for you in the car ;)