Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Vacation: Washington DC and Maryland


Our first stop on our whirlwind vacation was Washington DC. Well, Maryland to be exact. Hyattsville, MD which is only about 15 minutes away from DC. We were there to visit my friend from high school, Taryn and her beautiful family. Sadly, the only picture I got of the two of us is above. But it's pretty cute. Jack was very taken with Taryn's 5 year-old, Simon. Isn't it amazing how cool older kids are to younger kids? Here is Jack watching in wonder as Simon jumps off a box.


We were only really in town one full day but we got into DC and visited the National Building Museum. It had this giant open ground floor with a fountain that Jack could run around and he was delighted. Isn't it pretty?


In keeping with the "building theme" there was a kids play room with legos and blocks and a miniature house. All three of the boys seemed to have a great time.


Simon's architectural masterpiece

Jack's non-masterpiece

 Jack got tired of building after a while and just wanted to CLIMB! UP! so we indulged him.


Back at Taryn and Dan's gorgeous new (to them) house, we hung out and generally made ourselves at home. Linus was a little suspicious about this new kid taking over everything...


 Jack also took advantage of their fun backyard play set.


He had a great time but his mommy got eaten alive by mosquitoes and got a very good reminder of why she could never live back east. Our last night in town Taryn cooked an absolutely delicious Indian feast that John and I are still talking about.

shopping at the Indian market

Even though his parents were raving about it, Jack thought the food was a little spicy and stuck with his strawberries. 


All in all we had an awesome time in Maryland. Thank you Taryn and family for hosting us! Jack loved his third floor "tower" and I'm so proud that he slept through the night every night. :)


  1. Love the photos. So cute!

  2. It was SO AWESOME to see all of you - thank you again for coming to visit us! Simon keeps asking how big Jack is going to be when we see you again - I think he was surprised because the last time he saw Jack was when Jack was a tiny baby and since he has no real concept of time, it seemed like Jack got really big all of a sudden :)