Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Drawing and coloring


 Jack's latest obsession is coloring. Well, it's not really coloring because he insists that he's drawing the alphabet. He'll yell out a letter and then draw it. And then he'll hand the crayon to me and make it clear that he wants me to draw an "A". And then a "B" and then a "C" and then he proceeds to go through the entire alphabet and I write down every letter. He really never tires of it. He thinks it's so cool.

We are really fascinated by the fact that he's also started holding the crayon/pencil correctly. Crazy. And, to tell you the truth, a couple of times he has made shapes that look like a "C" or "O" or "A" or whatever he shouts out. Most of the time he's getting lucky but I just don't know...

But to encourage his mad skills, we purchased an inexpensive little table from Ikea which he loves. He sits down in the morning and asks for his crayons and goes at it. Of course, the downside to his new obsession is that he draws on EVERYTHING. The new table, our coffee table, our couch, our WALLS. That was the worst one. He knows not to do it but does it anyway. Sigh. At least he's pretty darn cute working hard to make those letters.


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