Monday, October 15, 2012

Underwood Farms Harvest Festival 2012

This past weekend we headed back to Underwood Farms for their Harvest Festival which we visited last October. It turns out that Jack has changed a lot in a year.

This time he could walk around which was a change and pretty darn helpful...although he still likes to be carried a lot and, in that way, it's a bummer he's outgrown the Baby Bjorn. We visited some of the same places this year and took some of the same pictures (so that mommy could get a kick out of the comparisons).

Daddy, Jack, and scarecrow last weekend

Daddy, Jack, and scarecrow one year ago

Look at all that hair...

Ahh, a year ago he would wear a hat.  No more.

And remember this cutie pie girl?

Violet came with us again (and her parents because, frankly, she needed a ride) and I think she's changed a little too.


Anyways, as usual, Jack was wary at first and it took a long time for him to warm up. This kid is so suspicious of crowds and unfamiliar places. He climbed up high to get a better view and assess the situation.


 Last year Jack sort of tried to crawl up the giant hay pyramid but this time he climbed up like it was no big thing. What's up mom?



They had this cute little height measurement setup where you could take a picture there every year (right up my alley!)  Jack was so distracted by counting all the numbers that it was hard to get him turn around.


 But look! He's almost 3 feet tall!


Of course, the real highlight of the pumpkin patch harvest festival was the run of the mill bouncy house that Jack LOVED. He loves bouncy houses but, as I've discovered recently, in a situation where there is a time limit, it is a major disaster. Because he does not want to get out. At all. I mean, does he look like he's done bouncing?



The fun times ended with daddy having to climb into the bouncy house and drag Jack out kicking and screaming. He bounced back quickly though with a miniature train ride!



 We took so many pictures so here are a few more...

Making their way through the corn maze

driving the tractor


taking a break with daddy

counting pumpkins

enjoying the hayride

He found one his size!  Plus his sad little sunflower that he refused to let go of.

Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere!

Our little guy certainly has grown up and he is so much fun now.  Our family sure has changed and we are loving how much more more fun and communicative he is now.  Can't wait to see what the next year's visit brings.

Me and my boy then...

And now...

Our family then...

and now....


  1. LOVE all the photos and the comparisons! Thanks.

  2. a big second on the thanks for the comparison photos, which are blowing my mind! and OMG on the cuteness overload here! the sheer joy in the bounce house, on the train, and all over the place is so cute, i can't get over it! i will be revisiting these photos everyday to get me through the week. :)