Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spelling Bee Champion?


So, before I present the video below, in all it's glory, I just have to say how inherently ridiculous baby blogs are. (or is this now a kid blog? whatever.) I mean, even if you try to avoid bragging about your kid, you end up doing it anyways. That's because you tend to post cute pictures of your kid as opposed to ugly ones. And you're also blinded and constantly amazed at their development because it's the first time you've ever seen something go from zero to 100. I mean, seriously, to watch something go from a blob who doesn't know it has hands to a little kid who can count to 20 is amazing.

 Anyways, this is all because I have this video below of Jack spelling some words which I think is awesome. He is so good at letters and spelling and it just seems to come easy to him. Which, as I'm typing it sounds like such a jerky thing to say. But it's just his strength. In the interest of fairness and to temper the bragging, Jack's got plenty of weaknesses. Mainly anything social. He is so quiet around strangers and in big groups. And when we go to new places he usually spends the first hour clinging to mommy. Ahh, he's just like his mom in so many ways.

 Okay, enough talk. Here's my super brilliant adorable genius future spelling champ:



  1. This is insane!!! So amazing! YOU are amazing! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! What a little genius he is!! Truly, don't ever apologise for bragging about something this great and amazing, he is such a clever (and ridiculously cute I might add) little man :) A reflection on you as a mum Lisa xo

  3. genius! or nerd! i'll let jack quibble over semantics himself. in any case, super cute! i'm also impressed at how well jack performs for the camera. when violet one day complains of how little video evidence there is of her early accomplishments, i'll say that her strength (being cute of course) was better documented in stills. for as much as she was willing to be still. so, you know, not much.

  4. I saw when you posted this video but never got to watch or comment. That is amazing! He is very smart! Don't ever worry about bragging! We all do it and all moms should be able to be able to brag on their kids! He is so smart and such a cutie. Love it.