Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Summer Vacation: The Wedding


 Last post from our summer vacation! But this wedding definitely needs it's own post because it may be the most fun John and I have ever had a wedding. What a great time! We headed on into Manhattan Saturday morning to meet John's parents who were kind enough to travel all the way to NY to babysit their grandson. Jack charged on into their hotel room and found his new favorite place...the closet.


Love the look of utter happiness on his face. With Jack squared away with his grandparents, we headed on over to the Metropolitan Club. A private social club right on Central Park that was nice enough to let us check into our room even though we didn't meet the required dress code. Our room was gorgeous with sky high ceilings and a view of the park. We got all dressed up (see pic above) and took a lovely shuttle down to St. Patrick's Cathedral. Yes, THAT St. Patrick's Cathedral. The tourists gawked as we all walked past them in our formal wear. The setting was beautiful as was the bride.



After the ceremony we made our way to the buses that were going to drive us back to the Met Club for the reception when, lo and behold, they were full and we had to walk the twelve blocks back to the club. That was fine because it gave us the opportunity to recreate the uber-cool "Reservoir Dogs" walking sequence. (Or maybe "Swingers")


The cocktail hour was amazing. So many different food stations that it was overwhelming. And of course we had to try everything. And what a beautiful space.


It was also a great time to take photos with all the family we don't get to see enough of.

Kelly, Hank, John, and Johnny

Me and my awesome grandma

John and I with my grandparents.  Don't they look great?!

All the Durso cousins with the bride and groom

playing evil king and queen

Aunt Janet and Isabelle

John, Evan, me, Isabelle, and Maddie

my dad and Julie

the girls!

check out this happy couple

After the cocktail hour we headed upstairs for dinner and dancing with the most amazing band I've ever heard.  Seriously.  They must be the best wedding band ever - as evidenced by the fact that they're flown around the country to perform at different weddings.  Truthfully, I was too busy dancing to take any pictures but, luckily, my mom got some great ones.  Thanks Mom!

me with two pretty cool Johns

We had such a great time and it was a terrific capper to a wonderful vacation.  Congrats to Emily and Brian and thanks to her parents for throwing such a fantastic party.  We missed Jack a lot that night but it was nice to enjoy ourselves.  

And I'll end with probably my favorite photo from the entire vacation.  What an awesome husband I have.  :-)


  1. What a beautiful wedding!

    And the picture of Jack in the closet and the picture of the two of you at the end are amazing. You guys are one good looking family.

  2. obviously i love seeing all of these great pics of your fam! you look so pretty! i MUST know more about the gold shoes and clutch.

  3. Look at you two party animals!! You looked so beautiful Lisa, I love your hairstyle too :) Such a great picture at the end, so natural and fun!!