Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summer Vacation: New York and Pennsylvania


Okay, we're back and I promise there are only two more "summer" posts left. Here Jack is on his first day on my aunt's farm in New York. Man, to say he loved it is an understatement. But what's not to love about 40 acres of grass and trees and room to explore? He quickly made himself at home. He met all the horses and, while he was interested in them, he preferred playing in the grass and dirt.

peeking over the fence at the horses

 Jack's (great) Aunt Janet took him for a ride all the farm over which he enjoyed.



 He really was fascinated by a thunderstorm that was fast approaching. There's nothing like watching a storm come from the top of a hill in only a diaper. (so I've heard.)


There was a great family get-together one of the days we were there and everyone had a great time catching up and playing in the pool.

Jack having fun with cousin Joey

Jack and cousin Hank sharing toys

Aunt Janet and the cousins

 Here are a few more miscellaneous pics from our stay on the farm.

He really enjoyed that guest bed

Early morning walk in pajamas

sprinting across the living room

family pic...without Jack looking at the camera

After a few days in New York, we headed on over to my Uncle Tommy and Aunt Patty's house in New Jersey. Jack thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with cousins Maddie and Isabelle. He couldn't get enough of them. And he made himself right at home.  Sadly, I didn't get any pics of him playing with Maddie and Izzy.  We were too busy having fun!

taking a break in their hammock

East coast livin' in their porch swing

Too much excitement so the little guy passed out

*Thanks to my mom for some of the pics (the nice ones).  One more post tomorrow of the actual wedding that was the impetus for the whole trip!


  1. Wow, what an amazing trip! I still can't believe that you guys did all of that! The farm looks amazing and how great for Jack to get all that quality time with the extended family.

  2. this is belated of course, but i love seeing these pics after hearing about how great the trip was. i mean, you can see the joy on jack's face all over the place. love that storm-is-coming pic.

  3. Hi Lisa!! So good to hear you guys had a great time away enjoying family time :)
    Great pics, I especially love the family pic of the three of you and the one of Jack running with that huge grin!! He looks so grown up there, certainly getting older, a real little toddler...Hope you guys are all well!! xo