Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Haircut number...4? 5?


 I've lost track of how many haircuts Jack has gotten but he got another one yesterday. Look at that smile. You would think that the whole experience was smooth sailing but YOU'D BE WRONG. This was the worst haircut experience and, I'd wager, the worst experience, period, that we've ever had. I had to sit him on my lap and hold down his arms like a straightjacket while he screamed and cried and turned red and sweated. Tears running down his cheeks, screaming "no" and "mommy". I think the entire salon was totally freaked out. Poor kid. But, at the same time, come on! Jack, why do you have to be so difficult?! The hair stylist thought that we should forget the final touches and the razor on his neck and just end the haircut slightly prematurely.

 He was still upset when I let him down off the chair but his complimentary balloon made him stop crying. Didn't make him smile, but... at least he wasn't crying?


I figured the only thing that might cheer him up was a trip to the park. Guess what? It worked!


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  1. OMG i'm so sorry! that sounds so awful. i flinched and kind of cringed away from my screen while reading. obviously he looks adorbs though.

    new decision: violet is just never getting her hair cut.