Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Extravaganza

Howdy from November!  I've been meaning to blog about our Halloween extravaganza but we've been busy.  And today Jack got sick (stomach flu) and puked for the first time ever!  He followed that up quickly with his second and third times ever so that was fun.  Poor little guy.  It's going around the playgroup so I guess it's to be expected.  

But back to Halloween.  When you're young it seems like your birthday and holidays last about a week.  So we had three different parties to go to with three different costumes.  Before you say that I can't believe she'd spend so much money on costumes, don't worry.  The first one was all free hand-me-downs, the second was 99 cents at the thrift store and the third...well, yes, I splurged and bought the $19.99 toddler costume online.  

The pic above is from our first Halloween party which had a barnyard bash theme.  He looked adorable in the hat but only wore it for about .2 seconds.  That's me in the picture holding down his arm with all my might so he didn't tear it off.  But he sure looked cute (so did daddy).


 When we got to the party he wasn't quite feeling it. Maybe too many people and he seemed to be getting sick. He did enjoy the cardboard barn though.


 Everyone got together for a group picture which was actually quite successful, all things considered.


 Of course, our family picture wasn't as adorable. Jack really really wanted to go home.


 The next day we had our club Halloween party with about 35 kids and 35 moms in attendance. It was so fun seeing all the costumes. For this occasion, Jack was good ol' Spiderman.


 I knew he would enjoy the party when we walked in and saw a bouncy house. Sure enough, he spent most of his time in there.



 He also loved the little car and ramp. Addicted.



 There was a sandbox too!


 This party I think the picture of me and him was a little more successful.


The last party, on Halloween, was with our playgroup and Jack was a karate kid. Or, more specifically, Johnny from Cobra Kai from "The Karate Kid" movie. He looks just like him I think.


He played and had lots of fun!



 He wasn't too into trick-or-treating (not at all), but that's okay because he seemed to just have fun running around. All in all, a successful holiday! 



  1. Absolutely adorable, Lisa! I love the Johnny costume, he does look just like him. It's nice to be able to get so many different hand-me-down costumes. And yes, I'm thinking holidays always felt longer because they were as kids. We had three parties too. :)

  2. Hehehe his karate kid outfit is so cute and funny lol but I especially love the picture of him in his Spiderman costume lying down but looking at the camera, how adorable! You guys always take a good photo, so photogenic!