Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!


 Happy Thanksgiving from San Diego! We had a great time this year, visiting everyone in SD. It was so fun because Jack's finally at an age where he realizes where we are and who we are with. He had such fun with grandma, grandpa, his aunts, uncles, and cousins. He could call everyone by name and got excited to see them. This year I was terrible about taking pictures which I really regret. Last Thanksgiving I got so many good ones but this year I literally took zero thanksgiving day. Which means I didn't get any of Jack playing with his cousins Johnny and Hank which is too bad. They were pretty cute together. Though his cousins taught him how to jump off chairs, couches, and beds so now Jack's being a little daredevil.

We went on lots of walks every day and Jack loved all the freedom to explore.

Jack and Grandpa

 He also picked up a charming new habit from all of his walks with Pepe (his Aunt Leslie's dog and his best friend). Every time after Pepe did his business in a bush, Jack would run up, smile, lift his leg, giggle, and run laughing towards me.



 There were lots of park visits and even the mud was no deterrent. I know all moms are different but I really love how much enjoyment he gets out of playing in the water and mud so I don't usually stop him. It makes for some dirty clothes but I don't mind.



On Friday my cousin Christy was nice enough to invite us down to the Humane Society where she works because she thought Jack would enjoy the kittens and puppies. While we probably timed the visit wrong for Jack (his grumpy nap time), John, Leslie, and I all enjoyed it! The kittens and puppies were adorable and I think my husband and sister really wanted to take one home. Good thing I was there for a reality check. :-)



 And a few more pics from our San Diego holiday visit!

Jack's favorite part of San Diego...the fire engine grocery shopping cart at Albertson's

his favorite spot in grandma and grandpa's house is this big brown chair

early morning read

making his own music with the shaker

playing at the park with our friend Leigh

nap time...too much turkey!

running on the putting green

if there's an alphabet somewhere, Jack will find it

hanging with daddy

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  1. Hi Lisa! Hope you guys are well :) Looks like a great Thanksgiving getaway! Jack is getting tall and growing up so quick, he is just adorable!
    Love all these pictures, you guys sure fit a lot in and how funny is he lifting his leg lol