Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toddlers and mommies oh my.


Last week my moms club had our annual Thanksgiving potluck. We divide into three parties so that it's not too overwhelming and guess who was one of the hosts? That's right. Luckily our house is actually pretty good for hosting parties and for accommodating a lot of people. I ended up having about 20 adults and about 20 kids ranging from newborn to 4 years old. The biggest surprise was probably that Jack dealt with it really well! I was worried that he'd get cranky and clingy and want everyone to leave (because that's happened before). But he was a great host. I told him that all of his friends were coming over and he seemed excited. Then during the party he actually was pretty independent and played with the other kids and shared all his toys.

When everyone finally left he said sadly to me, "people left". It was so cute. Of course, with all the chaos and trying to organize the food and host, I managed to take exactly one picture (see above). Those were two of the lovely ladies who were so taken with little Jack.  Lining up for him already...  :-)

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