Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes 2013

Like I said, my girl friends and I hunkered down last night on the hotel couch to watch the Golden Globes.  And, by some miracle, it was the most entertaining, funny, awards show in a decade.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler just knocked it out of the park (I thought).  Add to that the fact that the some of the winners were actually a surprise and it was just super fun to watch.  I was so happy that Ben Affleck won for directing "Argo" after being snubbed by the Oscar nominations.

Anyways, on to some dresses.  I would say the general consensus among the gals was that almost all the dresses were disappointing.  There really weren't that many fantastic ones.  Lots of sheer and lots of lace.  And, surprisingly, lots of sleeves.

Let's start with our hosts.  Tiny Fey has never looked better (like, seriously, NEVER) and Amy Poehler was adorable.  I really like her tuxedo on the red carpet too.

I was perhaps most excited to see what Jennifer Lawrence would wear and she was sort of disappointing.  When she first appeared on screen I was fairly horrified by the bust cups but I have to say that, from afar, it photographs much better.  I just thought her hair and makeup and the whole style was not quite awesome.

On the other hand, I like this younger, a little bit more hip look from the AFI Awards two days before.

The sheer factor was out of control.  It ruined many a good dress.  When Rachel Weisz arrived and we saw a head and shoulders shot, she looked gorgeous.  Then they panned down to her feet and OH MY GOODNESS....

Then Nicole Kidman had the same problem.  I really like her hair and the top of her dress.  Then I saw the rest.  Unnecessary.

Kerry Washington has been killing it on her "Django Unchained" press tour but I really disliked this sheer pale pink number.  Her hair and the dress just dragged her down.

Nicole Richie also wore some sheer lace thing and it just looked old and heavy.  And I didn't like her makeup.

Of course, the biggest sheer offender was Jennifer Lopez.  I just don't understand why this super attractive women feels the need to dress ridiculously at every awards show.  She must need the attention so bad.

There was lots of lace including crazy (and ugly) Eva Longoria.  Her high hair looked silly and the slit was kind of pathetic.  

Kristen Wiig looked comfortable and like herself, but I kept thinking the top looked like a bikini top.

Some of the older ladies looked the best.  I hope I'm as classy and awesome as Helen Mirren and Sally Field when I'm older.

There were some dresses with serious structure and necklines.  On the whole, I think Michelle Dockery looked pretty cool, I just wish the dress didn't have such crazy shoulder pads.  And Kate Hudson looked like a million bucks...I think?

There were some people that liked Lucy Liu but I just couldn't get over the floral pattern.  And I like prints.

Lena Dunham is the girl of the moment and yes, she's obviously not a size 0 like everyone else.  But I really think that there has to be a more flattering dress than this.  It makes her hips look about 10 feet wider than they are and I just don't like the top.  Oh well.  She was excited to win.

There was lots of poor color choices.  I am so over nude colors and mermaid dresses and Amy Adams' skin just totally blended in with her dress.  

It was kind of a bummer because earlier in the week I thought she looked awesome at the Critics Choice awards.  I like her hair more flowy and natural.

Julianne Moore looked pretty good which was refreshing.

Everyone hated Halle Berry's dress and I agree that it wasn't great, the slit was lame, and it made her bust look crazy, but I have to say that I like the print.  Just wish they had done something else with it

There was lots of red to varying degrees of success.  Claire Danes looked awesome only weeks after giving birth.  Damn her.

I disliked Zooey Deschanel's red poofy dress though.  And the pearls with the ponytail.  Yuck.

Marion Cotillard's dress was modern and funky but I think she pulled it off.  And she's so pretty even with that minimal hair and makeup.

I can't forget Anne Hathaway.  This is someone who could have worn anything from anyone and she chose this simple white dress.  I love her hair and makeup and she looks's just kind of boring.

I love Emily Blunt but this gold tone set against her overly tan skin just didn't work for me.  Something is off.

I just generally don't like wispy, neutral colored dresses but, am I crazy, or is this Catherine Zeta-Jones dress kind of interesting in a vintage way?  (Ignore the plastic surgery face).

While I don't like Sienna Miller's dress per se, I applaud her for wearing something different.  And what's remarkable is that she is barely wearing any makeup and she still looks flawless.  Sigh.

This is kind of crazy, but I think I like Julianne Hough's dress.  Or dresses.  I liked her hair in this faux-mohawk thing and I think she's kind of pulling off this punk meets princess dress.  Or maybe I'm just bored and crazy.

Just a quick note about Jodie Foster.  I have loved her since I was a little girl because I thought she was really pretty and just a smart, intelligent, well-spoken actress (which seemed rare...and know I know it is.)  Anyways, she has aged so well.  Look at that face.

I loved LOVED her speech even though it was crazy and she had clearly had a few drinks or something to brace herself for that moment.  The part about her mother was just really beautiful I thought.

Okay, just a few more.  I LEAST two favorites of the night were... 1) Giuliana Rancic from E!  She often (usually) looks bad but this is the worst I think she's ever looked in the over 10 years I've been watching her.  Just horrifying.

And then there was Jessica Chastain.  This is the saddest because she should be the showstopper.  She's beautiful, has beautiful hair, and I'm sure every designer wants to dress her.  Instead she does some awful hairdo (I mean, who does that to their hair on purpose?) and choose the most unflattering dress of all time.  Just terrible, terrible, terrible.

My two favorites on the other hand were ladies that seem pretty awesome in real like so I'm happy they looked so beautiful.  Jennifer Garner looked as good as I've ever seen her and I'm happy Ben remembered to thank her in his speech.

And Naomi Watts.  I liked that it was different, it had sleeves, but then it was backless.  And I'm a sucker for that color.  So beautiful.

And what did YOU think?


  1. Call me a prepster but I love Zooey Deschanel's look. But otherwise I pretty much agreed on all fronts. Oh to be as hot and classy as Helen Mirren!

  2. Totally agree - and I can't believe that Claire Danes just had a baby. Insane. Then again, I am SO GLAD that I will never have to go on national television after having a baby.

  3. the universe is telling me to write a shorter comment because i lost a super long one!

    i've decided i really love nicole kidman's dress. i think the panel is what makes it memorable. you were right about the bees! the poor man's version is a triangle belly cutout. if kristen wiig wants a plain dress (and she does, always), that's fine, but the cutout does the opposite of elevating it into something interesting.

    i agree that kerry washington's dress was her worst as of late, but it did look pretty onstage, didn't it? but man, those bangs, like jessica biel, obscuring pretty faces! on the flipside, i agree with a comment i read that kate hudson should have worn her hair up because she's obscuring the neckline of that cool dress.

    worst of the sheers was rachel weisz's. i was so sad when i finally got a good look at it. who let her go like that? daniel craig, FAIL. best of the sheer (there was a lot, wasn't there?) is the only thing i think is missing here - julianna margulies. what i was thinking could be a swan ended up being a full body dragon. rad!

    anne hathaway's dress looked better in super close-up because it's got that usual chanel texture, but yeah, why did she go so boring? she should have saved that valentino from the nyc ballet gala. boo.

    yeah i want to like that lucy liu but i don't, and halle's print - i can't get onboard even though i want to. and i'm just seeing that hip cutout OMG.

    jessica chastain, i can't even talk about it. jennifer lopez, however, i can talk about: hilariously and embarrassingly terrible! tie for worst dressed.

    i'm sure i could go on and on but there's probably a character limit here. what an awesome show and best viewing ever! thanks so much again!!

  4. Thanks Lisa! I totally missed the awards this year (don't know why?) so it was good to get caught up on all the fashion side of things. It's fun to pick your fave and least fave isn't it, so glad I am not on that red carpet!!
    I love Jennifer Garner's dress the best, I also agree with your two least faves...I don't like Emily Blunt's dress, I am so over the mermaid look and I don't like Sienna Miller's either (sorry). I have to actually say that there were more awful and hideous dresses than there were nice ones by the looks of it! I do like Julianne Moore and Julianne Hough's choices though :) And please someone make the leg splits stop!!! It's been done already :)