Monday, January 14, 2013

John's birthday weekend


 It was John's birthday this weekend and, by some miracle, he had both Saturday and Sunday off for the first time in about 3 months. (Well, not really a miracle...the entire crew came down with the plague). Anyways, he got home after a long Friday night and Jack and I surprised him with birthday cupcakes. Then Saturday morning I surprised him by telling him to pack his bag because we were staying at hotel in Beverly Hills for the night. He was actually pretty surprised and we had a great dinner with friends and relaxing night without a toddler.  We missed Jack terribly though. Luckily we knew he was in the very capable hands of nanny Leigh (and assistant Rachel) who did an amazing job with him.

 Sunday night, my husband was nice enough to give ME as a birthday gift a night in the same hotel with my girl friends to watch the Golden Globes. The dress code was "pajamas" and we all had a good time watching the red carpet and what turned out to be the most entertaining awards show in like 10 years.


 I will try to do a red carpet fashion round-up based on our observations later tonight or tomorrow once Jack goes to bed. Poor little kid is sick (again) so he needs a lot of mommy love after I was away all weekend.

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