Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Christmas!


Christmas finally arrived after 25 days of counting down. (Each morning in December he would look at our little countdown Santa display and say "how many days til Christmas?" and yell "9!" or whatever.) Anyways, Jack came out in his reindeer PJs and was excited by all the presents under the tree and in his stocking. He eyed up his stocking suspiciously before he dove in.


 He excitedly showed his daddy a few of his new toys.



John was also excited about his own presents...


 Aunt Julie got Jack a cool Italian book that he loved reading with her.


 One of his favorite gifts from Santa was his new numbers poster. Simply numbers 1 through 100, it still completely wow'ed him and he spent a lot of time laying on the floor and counting.


 Jack's favorite present though had to be the one from Grandpa and Grandma. When Grandpa brought out the trampoline, he went into his excited pose which is sort of bent over, hands tensed, and jaw jutting. That's when you know he's excited. And he ran after Grandpa as he went to put it in the family room.



 I'm pretty sure he liked it.



 Just too cute. It was a really wonderful day and so fun to see the huge difference in Jack from last year's Christmas. He was totally excited about Santa and the Christmas tree and gifts and stockings. And, it was really lovely that he was even more excited about having Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Julie, Aunt Leslie, and Pepe at the house. I have lots of pictures from the big day but here are just a few more.

playing with his new rain stick

Julie skyping with her Italian host family

playing with his new stuffed animal dog from Aunt Leslie

showing his love by smothering the dog

finally dressed for the day

playing with another toy...his Thomas the Train toothbrush

Jack and his new ornament

Jack giving a gift to his buddy, Pepe

ready for a walk

"Let's eat!"

So much joy.  So adorable.


  1. there's a lot of cuteness going on here, but these "jump for joy" trampoline shots are PRICELESS!

    also i'm seriously digging his outfit in the "ready for a walk" pic. dude, he's like a valley teen already!

  2. He really is one, absolutely cute kid!