Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Mom's Birthday - a rewind

My mom's birthday was on Valentine's Day and I am just catching up with posting the pictures.  It was her big 6-0 (sorry Mom if this was a secret!) and we decided to throw her a little surprise party. While she was out wine tasting with my dad all day, my two sisters put together a nice little soiree. My sister-in-law Kelly made this beautiful cake (with 60 handmade roses)!


And Julie put together this cute poster with old photos from my mom's past.


Leslie and everyone had all the food ready so all we had to do is wait for the guests and then wait for mom to get home. Jack doesn't love waiting so first he played a pickup game with his cousins.



Then he got dressed in his finest blue button-down. I have to say, it was a pure coincidence, but his daddy wore the exact same outfit that day and they really are twins. Right down to the Converse shoes.


Then he proceeded to "wait" outside by jumping off walls and running through bushes.


Finally we all gathered and hid in the living room, waiting for them to come in the door. I had been prepping Jack all day that it was Grandma's birthday and when she came home we would say "surprise! happy birthday!". Well, when he heard the garage door open, he ran down the hall up to her and quietly whispered "surprise". She didn't hear him but it was pretty damn cute. I think she thought that the surprise was that Jack and I had driven down to see her. So when she turned the corner and saw 30 more people, she was really shocked.



 Jack had fun, my mom had fun, and a good time was had by all.


cousin Christy making Jack fly

taking a break from the chaos by plopping himself in the middle of the hall

quality time in Pepe's dog bed

and...he's done.

The next morning Jack got some quality time with Grandma before we drove back to LA.

 Congrats to my sisters for planning an awesome party.  Happy birthday Mom!

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