Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2 Year Doctor's Visit

Jack had his 2 year checkup and he was the bravest, most amazing, little toddler ever.  First he endured a one hour wait in the doctor's office.  Though we broke that up with visits to their fish tank and reading their books ("The ABCs of Asthma" was a big hit).  He didn't really enjoy getting a plastic bag taped to his genital region to get a urine sample.  And I certainly didn't enjoy it when I was holding him and then suddenly felt a warmth on my hip and stomach region.  Apparently the bag leaked but we got enough urine for the analysis.  Yes!

He was pretty cute with our nice doctor and said hello to her and then, when asked, told her he was 2 and that he had pizza and cupcakes on his birthday.  Little snitch.  Just as she was pushing me to get him to eat more vegetables.  He showed off his skills by counting to ten in Italian and the doc was very impressed with his speech skills.

After the doctor, the nurse came in to give him his vaccine shot.  And Jack was awesome!  Sure, he cried when the needle went in but he only cried for about 15 seconds and then he was done.  Good job buddy!  But then we had to head to the lab to have them take a blood sample.  Yikes!  There was a slight wait so we had to sit on a couch outside the lab with some other people.  Jack occupied himself by counting the numbers over all the examine room doors.  They only went up to 10 but another waiting mom was amazed.  "Is he 3?" she asked.  When I told her he was 2 her jaw dropped and she was shocked.  I am glad I didn't tell her that he could count in three languages.  The sign over the lab door said "LAB" (weird) and Jack kept saying, "we are going to the lab!"  Once we eventually stepped in, he asked what everything was.  "What's that?!  What's that?!"  I didn't know what the machine shaking the vials of blood was called, but he didn't seem to mind.  But then the bad part started.  The nurse tied a tight elastic around his upper arm and inserted the needle into his arm.  That's when he started to cry and sob.  :-(  Poor kid.  But I was like, "It'll be over in 10 seconds.  Let's count. 10..9..."  And, in a pretty adorable moment, he started counting down between sobs... "8, 7, 6...."  It was all over soon and the nurse gave him a Thomas sticker which cheered him up in an amazing 20 seconds or so.

So proud of my little boy.  He fell asleep on the way home and, while I was transferring him inside, he mumbled in his sleep "we are going to the Lab".  So cute.

Oh, and here are his 2 year stats:
Weight - 28 pounds, 10 ounces (about 60th percentile)
Height - 35.5 inches (75th percentile)

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