Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week in Review - 2/2/13

Another fun week with Jack and our playgroup and classes and activities. It's so much better when he's healthy.

He is learning by leaps and bounds.  Two weeks ago he could count to 10 in Spanish and now he can count to 30.  He learns how to read new words every day and it's so cool.  Often times I catch him reading by himself and it's so cute.

He continues to enjoy his trampoline every day but now he has taken to swinging and hanging from it.  He thinks it's a small miracle and giggles every time he does it.

He had fun with his friends this week.  Violet came over and she and Jack both enjoyed Pepe's company.


We also went to our first ever "Soup Swap" with my moms club. Kind of old-fashioned in some ways but everyone made homemade soup and then froze 6 containers of it. We all swapped and took home different kinds of soup. Meanwhile the kids had a ball playing with toys and tricycles and eating a delicious dinner.


And here are some more pictures from the week!


  1. Hey Lisa! So good to hear that Jack is feeling better now and boy is he growing up!! Such a little blondie now too :) He's a smart little cookie, thanks for the glimpse into your week with him!

  2. Jack is such a sweetheart. I love it when you post a bunch of pictures - it's always fun to see his variety of expressions and all the great things you guys are up to (when not knocked out by illness). I love that picture of Jack and Violet together - I almost can't believe how much they've grown up.