Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Great Playgroup Easter Egg Hunt of 2013!


It's not that mesmerizing of a photo, but that is over 100 eggs scattered and "hidden" about my backyard. Jack's playgroup came over for a little Easter Egg hunt this week. I didn't know exactly how well two year olds "hunt" so I mainly put the eggs in plain sight. Some where back in Jack's jungle (aka the bushes) but nothing too crazy. All at once, we unleashed 10 toddlers in the backyard with their baskets and they went at it. Some (the girls actually) chose to carefully pick up an egg, open it, and then examine it's contents thoughtfully (either a sticker or a goldfish). Others (the boys), ran around like maniacs putting as many eggs as they could in their baskets. I was really happy to see how much Jack was into it. He LOVED discovering and egg and then ran back to his basket to put it in and then ran back to get another one. So cute. I should have taken video but these photos will have to suffice.

ready to go hunting

"found one!"

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