Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013


Last year Jack was a little over 1 at Easter and we skipped the whole basket and egg hunt thing because I just didn't think he'd get it or enjoy it. But this year it was totally on. Jack was prepped and excited that the Easter Bunny was going to come while he slept. He woke to a basket and was a little wary at first.



He warmed up once he saw there was a car that he could push around.


After that it was time for the egg hunt. He could look outside and see all the eggs in the backyard and he was pretty excited. He wasn't so excited that he had to wait for his slow mommy and daddy to put some shoes on.


Once he was let loose, it was on. He was so overjoyed to run around and find all the eggs.



He also discovered that it was pretty fun to roll the eggs down the slide too.


Back inside we wanted him to open his eggs and see the surprises I had put in them but, as usual, he was more interested in his numbers.


It was a really great day. Mainly because John got the day off at the last minute and we got to celebrate as a family. Happy Easter!


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  1. That last photo is a great family photo! So glad you guys got to enjoy the holiday.