Friday, March 8, 2013

Visit with Grammy and Pop Pop


This post has been long overdue. Jack's Grammy and Pop Pop visited from Pennsylvania and he had such a good time with them. I love how much Jack enjoys his grandparents and looks forward to spending time with them. It's so nice. And he really loved every minute of their visit. We had lots of fun outings and time at home so I'll just share all the pictures. There are a lot!

making Grammy get a hard work out

exploring the discovery center at Kidspace Museum

holding steady on the wall

painting...or watching the older girl paint

splashing himself with the water game

those shorts might be a little too big...

...they had to come off!

playing the asleep game

reading time with daddy

Jack gets to ride in style at the zoo

showing Grammy the giraffes

the flamingos are really captivating 

he LOVED having Grammy read him his new book

family trip to the Farmer's Market

exploring the grassy wilds with Pop Pop

hanging with Grandpa

air time with Aunt Leslie

Grammy graciously volunteered to hold him for his nap

Jack eyeing up Grammy's beer at dinner

playing a new game - "throw the lemon"

he sure loves his Pop Pop and Grammy!

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