Friday, June 14, 2013

Photo Dump...aka What Jack's been up to the last few weeks


"Hi". I am so behind at posting pictures. So here are a lot of random ones that will show you what Jack's been up to. First, as you can see, he can write "hi". He delights in it and writes it over and over again in chalk on the patio concrete.


Jack's way into playing catch lately. Well, into throwing. He can't catch yet but his arm is getting pretty good.


 For better or worse, this kid is OBSESSED with music. More specifically, John's indie rock music that he can access on John's iPad. He will scroll through John's iTunes for an hour. It's kind of cute that he knows all the indie rock bands like Bon Iver, Califone, and Japandroids.


Still loves water.


 We did a scavenger hunt the other day in the backyard and Jack had to fill his bag with leaves, rocks, and sticks. He had a ball!



 He still loves swinging.


 What a nerd. I'll find him tucked away in parts of the house (like the hallway) reading a book.


 Jack is currently obsessed with fruit smoothies. He requests them almost every day. And he'll drink an entire kids size.


 He also loves pizza. More specifically, laying on the grass at a party and shoveling bite after bite in his mouth. Charming.


 He's gotten into building towers with his blocks.


 He LOVES escalators. He rode this particular escalator literally 25 times.



 We got free tickets to Sesame Street Live which is a live stage musical that was in a giant theater downtown. Apparently people paid like 50 bucks a seat for this show! I am super happy we didn't because Jack was not interested in the pre-show where you got to meet the Sesame Street characters. He only wanted to ride the escalator. When we made our way inside and the show started, Jack seemed totally in awe. I guess it was all the lights and lasers and singing characters. Of course, he wasn't so amazed that he didn't fall asleep halfway through. John and I realized we didn't need to hear Elmo sing some pretty grating songs so we walking out with our sleeping toddler.


 The show did give us an opportunity to take Jack on his first subway (metro) ride. He seemed a little wary about a train that was underground.


 He does love miniature trains though. Even is his expression doesn't exactly show joy.


 We went to a farm about 45 minutes out of town and picked strawberries! He really liked it and the strawberries tasted amazing! Can't wait to go back later in the summer when they have more berries and tomatoes.


 And, of course, he still loves his daddy.

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  1. Great photos. Happy Father's Day John.