Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back East Trip Part 1

We were so excited to head back east for our big trip. The trip started off a little bumpy so I should have known we were in for a rough ride. My sister was nice enough to drive us to LAX which took about 50 minutes. At the curb as we unloaded the car, we pulled everything out and I suddenly panicked when I realized that we were missing our backpack carry-on. The one with everything to keep Jack happy on the plane and on the trip. The iPad, his books, his toys, his crayons, his snacks, etc. I was so mad at myself and upset. I'd never done anything like that in all my times traveling. Luckily, my sister was nice enough to drive almost the hour back to Burbank and then almost an hour back to LAX. I grabbed the backpack out of her hand at the curb and rushed through security just in time to board the plane. Woo! The plane ride itself was great. Jack was fantastic and survived the plane ride with flying colors. No crying, no temper tantrums. Just reading the Sky Mall magazine and looking out the window. Of course, traveling always sucks so something had to go wrong.

We arrived in Baltimore around 10pm eager to get our rental car in order to drive the next hour and a half to Harrisburg. For some reason there was a giant backup and wait at the rental car shuttle curb so we took a taxi to the rental car facility. The cab pulled up and all we saw were tons of cop cars blocking the entrance and hundreds of people milling around. The cab driver ditched us so we were stuck there with a toddler and a pile of luggage. The helpful cops let us know that there was a bomb scare and the whole place was shut down. Truthfully, as much as John and I were upset, Jack seemed thrilled to not have to go back into a seat right away. There was a giant grass field and he just ran around like a crazy man. We had a "picnic" with our leftover food and he made friends with an older kid who was very jealous of Jack's snacks. We finally got on the road around 12:30 and made it to Harrisburg at 2am. Woohoo!

The next morning Jack was off and running with his cousin Sophia. First up? Bubbles!



Jack loved Grammy and Pop Pop's house. Their giant giant grass yard, the long long hill to their house, all their toys and plants, and Pop Pop's basement with all the "animals".


 He definitely had fun with his grandparents.


 One day we visited Hershey Park's Chocolate World to see just how chocolate was made. And of course to sample the chocolates. Jack really liked the chocolate tour.


 Of course, the only place to go after a chocolate tour was the ice cream shop! Jack's favorite.


 There were a lot of quick thunderstorms while we were there and Jack LOVED them. Of course.


 This kid loves getting wet.


 He also loved the giant driveway outside the front door. Plenty of room to ride bikes. And play number games!


Running up and down hills can be exhausting so sometimes naps just happened instantaneously.


 Of course, sometimes some quiet time with his cousin was needed.


 One day Grammy took everyone to JC Penney to attempt a photo shoot. It definitely could have gone least there were no tears and no tantrums. But I don't think we ever did get both toddlers smiling in the same frame. It was a little bit of anarchy.


 But maybe we got a good shot?


 The cutest pic we got of the cousins was in the middle of an evening walk after a big rain. Sophia and Jack happened across a pretty big turtle in the driveway and they were fascinated.


 We had a great time in Pennsylvania. John and I were especially grateful that his parents were able to watch Jack overnight while we went to Philly to see friends and celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. Yay!



  1. Love the pics of Jack...and the Box Turtle! Had one in our back yard a few years ago.

  2. um, these pictures are crazy adorable! jack looks like he's having the time of his life! (cue ominous music?)