Tuesday, August 13, 2013

East Coast Trip Part 2

Man, finding time to blog seems to be getting harder and harder. I'm sorry this "Part 2" took so long. Of course, there's the fact that part two of our trip wasn't as fun as I had hoped it would be. I was so looking forward to seeing my relatives and staying at the family house in Long Island. Of course, I couldn't have predicted that Jack would get a terrible virus and be sick for 6 days. A 103 degree fever for three days followed by a rash all over his body. Of course, I SHOULD have predicted that he dislikes crowds, gets grumpy in the heat, and prefers to be at home. So, really, it was a perfect storm. Poor Jack really was just miserable. I felt bad that I couldn't really do anything to make him feel better. And I felt really bad that no one got to see his usual happy, fun demeanor. He was such a damn grumpy and wouldn't say two words to anyone. Nonetheless, of course I did capture a couple of cute pictures.

Pre-sickness...enjoying the park in Stamford

Checking out a crab at the little nature center at the Stamford beach.  
Great-Grandpa is explaining it all to him.

Fun noodle at Long Island

Enjoying playing ball in Long Island

Throwing rocks at the beach

Golf anyone?

The only person he would come close to being nice to...cousin Maddie

Checking out the waves

An attempt at boogie boarding

After finding an empty Bud Light can

Playing with his stroller

Happy 4th of July!

Of course, all of those pics were brief brief moments of smiles between long stretches of crying, whining, and grumpiness.  As you would expect, I didn't take those pictures.  But I did take pics of all his sleeping.  The poor kid tried to sleep off his fever during the day.  (No sleeping at night but that's a different story).  He did look peaceful while sleeping.

I did enjoy visiting with my relatives, I just wish it had been under a little better circumstances.  It did make me vow to not travel without my husband.  It was just too hard.  Luckily, my sister was kind enough to fly back to LA with me so I had help on the flight.  I was trying to make Jack happy in the airport so I got him a fruit smoothie.

It sure made him happy.  It also gave him a sugar high that made him crazy on the airplane (in a fun way) and gave him some major diaper blowouts (not in a fun way).  Sadly, Aunt Leslie had to deal with it all because I was busy puking my guts out due to severe turbulence and my awesome air sickness.  All in all, a memorable flight.  And a memorable trip.  Can't wait to not travel for a while!  :-)

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