Wednesday, September 4, 2013

29 weeks pregnant?

I haven't posted much about my pregnancy here.  Not because I've forgotten I'm pregnant (who could forget in 100 degree heat) but because I'm sort of distracted and don't think about it that much.  But, yes, I am 29 weeks pregnant.  2 1/2 months to go hopefully.  This pregnancy has been different and yet the same as the first.  Different because I'm just SO MUCH MORE tired.  Physically.  Last time I got to sit in an air conditioned office all day and was in a desk chair for like 12 hours a day.  Plus I started off in better shape.  Now I'm chasing after a busy two year old and have to sit in hot parks and run around my backyard.  Last time I read all about pregnancy on the internet and followed it week by week.  I also had far more worries last time about everything and this time I'm probably not worried enough.

But lots of things are the same.  Mainly my two major symptoms - heartburn and insomnia.  At least with heartburn this time I knew exactly what I needed to have on hand...liquid antacid.  The insomnia is a little rough but there's not much I can do about it.

The bummer is that this time everything is more swollen.  I never had to take off my wedding rings with Jack but this time around I put them away weeks ago.  I'm now wearing a $15 sterling silver band that used to fit on my index finger.  And I've noticed my ankles and feet are a bit swollen at the end of the day.  Not the greatest look.

The little guy is kicking like crazy though so that's fun.  And reassuring that everything is going okay, even if I'm too busy to notice.  Poor kid is still nameless though as John and I haven't found a name we both love.  We have 11 or so more weeks so let's hope we can agree on something soon.  :)


  1. What? No way!! Congratulations Lisa and John!! I never knew you were pregnant, and 29 weeks at that!! Just how far behind am I on your blog? lol I was just thinking about you the other day and wondered whether you would have another baby someday soon, and well, I got my answer :)
    And another boy? Aww how sweet, Jack is going to be an awesome big brother!! I hope the next eleven weeks goes smoothly for you, agreed, insomnia sux. I am very happy for you guys and I look forward to watching another sweet boy grow up xoxo

  2. I'm so sorry about the weather - hot summer weather makes being pregnant that much more difficult, especially when you need to get out for playdates or outings. I'm glad the antacid is working, though. I had to stop in the first trimester because I started associating it with being sick (pathetic, right?), but luckily, at this point it's mostly tolerable anyway. Interestingly, I'm not as swollen this time around, although with Linus, I had my rings off well before the third trimester. I'm glad you posted an update and I'm so excited for the big name reveal when the time comes :)