Friday, August 30, 2013

Family Day at the Farm

A while ago John, Jack, and I packed up at headed 40 minutes north to Underwood Farms which is one of Jack's favorite places. It's got a ton of animals, hay stacks, a mini-train, tractor rides, and pick-your-own vegetables and fruit. The summer is a great time to go if you want to pick-your-own because there are so many great crops to choose from. We picked tomatoes (so so many kinds!), zucchini, squash, peppers, cilantro, and, of course, STRAWBERRIES. Jack's favorite. He and his daddy worked away picking all the best strawberries. Jack loved to make sure to remind us "not the green ones!"


 Of course, Jack enjoyed far too many samples while picking. But I guess they'll never know.


 After picking it was back to the main part of the farm. Jack refused to ride in the wagon...he just wanted to push it.


Then it was time for playing on hay towers, in tractors, and on swings.



 So much fun! Of course, no trip to the farm is complete without some bouncy house time. Still Jack's favorite.



 I love family outings like this. Can't wait to go back in October for the Harvest Festival and their giant pumpkin patch! (I'll be enormously pregnant but I'll still have fun with my little long as someone else carries him.)



  1. Great pictures! And that farm looks awesome - I wish we had something like that around here. There are plenty of farms, but the idea of a bouncy castle really puts it over the edge. I guess I also wish we had CA weather. Even if we had access to a farm like that, there's no way I'd spend any amount of time outside these days!

  2. LOVE these pics! what an outdoor boy he is. please don't do an xmas tree visit without me! :)

  3. You look beautiful Lisa!! And I love how you can do this, go to a farm and pick all the vegies you like! What a fun day out, no doubt Jack loved it :)