Wednesday, February 19, 2014

3 Years Old!

Look at this kid!  3 years old.  Sometimes I look at him and can't believe the height, weight, and muscle on my baby.  He's getting so big.

I'd like to write a longer post about my dear first born son soon so, for now, enjoy the pics!

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  1. Hi Lisa!! Oh my gosh where did little Jack go? Look how long his legs are, certainly a little boy now :) I have adored watching him grow from a baby, I look forward to watching your newest addition grow too :) Jack is looking so much like you in most of these pictures (he is like his daddy in the first two I think), such a cutie! I hope you guys are all doing great and have had a wonderful start to the new year :) I have had a rather long break from blogging so I am way behind on your posts but looking forward to catching up. I bet life with two adorable little boys has been an absolute blessing for you & John xo