Thursday, February 20, 2014

Visit from Grammy and Pop Pop


Well, this post is LONG overdue and I apologize to all 5 readers of this blog.  Briefly, can I just say that I am finding it almost impossible to keep up on blog posts.  Not that my daily life is terrible, quite the contrary, but I never open up my computer during the day because we're always on the move or I just don't have two free hands during the day.  Pre-Sam, I did all blogging after Jack's bedtime when I had a full two hours before I went to bed.  Well, nowadays, after I manage to put Sam and Jack to bed by myself (which is long painful process), I am exhausted and literally go to bed after about 30 minutes of doing dishes and cleaning up.  So, again, I apologize for the lack of blog posting.  I am about 6 weeks behind and have so many pictures I want to share.  Anyways, I'll start with the super fun visit we had from Grammy and Pop Pop mid-January.

Grammy definitely had a good time with Sam.  A majority of the their visit you could find Sam nestled in Grammy's arms.  Probably 100% of the time except for when I had to nurse him.  :)  He was very happy to have all the attention.  

Jack wasn't wanting for attention either though.  He was THRILLED to have Pop Pop around to play with.  It was pretty darn cute.  He wanted to do everything with him.  Didn't want me to read a story, "I want Pop Pop".  He even wanted him to put him to bed.

It was so nice seeing Jack have so much fun with his grandparents.  That he knows them and loves them so much even though they live across the country is pretty cool.  

Okay, because I am tired and need to go to bed (shocking), I'm just going to present the rest of pictures without much commentary.  :)

checking Pop Pop's heart

in Santa Monica to visit cousin Kris at her Ultimate Frisbee tournament

watching Ultimate is exhausting

Sam's first trip to the beach!

And with babysitters in town we actually got to celebrate John's birthday!

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