Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jack + Sam

One of the coolest things about having Sam is watching him watching Jack.  It's amazing.  He is enthralled by his older brother.  If Jack is in the room, Sam's eyes are usually trained on him and watching his every move.  It's pretty cute.  And of course I hope they grow up to be great pals.  Sometimes I'm a little wary of Sam observing Jack and learning how to jump off couches and throw things but I suppose he would learn that on his own.

The other day they were being pretty cute and I caught it on tape.  (Tape?  Anyways...)  Before you watch the video, let me set the scene.  Jack had climbed into Sam's bassinet which is one of his favorite spots.  I was sitting in the rocking chair next to the bassinet with Sam on my lap and Sam was, of course, staring at Jack intently as he told a story.

The story won't make sense I'm sure but he's talking about all these characters from a comic book/graphic novel that John reads to him all the time.  Enjoy!

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