Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sam is 4 months old today!

There's our little Sammy.  Four months old today!  Starting to look a little different from Jack, right?

He's a funny little guy.  He seems to have hit a bit of a 4 month regression where he's a little bit fussier and his sleep...well, I'll go into that later.  At home he pretty much refuses to let me put him down.  But he does love to be out and about around a lot of people.  He never fails to give a smile to Jack's teachers or my friends or strangers on the street.  What a charmer.  

But yeah...that sleep thing.  In that way he is JUST like his brother.  Currently waking up every hour or so and that's when he's sleeping on us.  And poor John tries to help soothe him every time but the only thing that will put him back to sleep is nursing.  Soo....  yeah.  We are tired.  We will see what happens. 

There is nothing Sam loves more though than his big brother.  He just adores him.  Lately Sam has been so pissy and it seems it's because he's trying to sit up but can't.  I really think that's what it is.  It's like he wants to move like his big brother Jack but he can't and it's making him mad.  He'll catch up soon though and then they'll be off and running.  :-)


  1. aww, yeah, he's starting to look like his own little guy, but they are still BROTHERS. his smile is so cute!

  2. Absolutely adorable!!!