Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sam is 5 months old today!

Little Sam (or BIG Sam) is 5 months old today.  He continues to be one happy, smiley, laid back dude.  

My assistant Jack's blurry hand pictured as well

He definitely still looks like Jack at the same age, but the differences are getting bigger.  And they do act incredibly different.  Jack wasn't laid back at all.  Sam, while he's laid back, is DYING to move.  He exerts such effort trying to sit up and crawl and just generally bounce.  He's pretty pissed that he can't play with his big brother.  

Sam also seems a bit more content with his environment.  Jack was always a bit more curious and inquisitive and, well, a trickster.  Sam seems too nice to be a trickster.  

Sam is GIANT though.  At the same age, Jack actually lost weight because I was breastfeeding and my supply was dwindling.  I didn't really know that or do much about it.  This time around, the doctor suggested supplementing formula with Sam.  We did which quickly led to Sam rejecting breastfeeding altogether and now he's completely on the bottle.  It's actually translated to a better nap schedule, longer stretches at night, and a HUGE weight gain.  I think Sam might have gained three pounds in one month.  Which is crazy.  We will see at his doctor's appointment this week but the kid is chubby.  And adorable of course.  But chubby none the less.  Check out that belly!

Oops.  Can't stretch that far without falling over.  

And here are the brothers.  Jack always insists on being part of this photo shoot so here you go.  :)  Happy 5 months buddy!

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