Monday, May 19, 2014

Jack is 3 1/4 today!

Big brother Jack is 3 1/4 today.  It still shocks me sometimes how big he is.  It's getting harder and harder to cuddle with him and give him baby kisses.  I guess all of that stuff is on the way out.  

He is still obsessed with numbers and has taken to numbering everything.  We are currently counting fountains all around Southern California.  He has an eagle eye for fountains when we're driving.  I believe we are up to 38 and they stretch from San Diego to Pasadena.  He knows exactly where they all are.  I was fine up until we got to around #18 and then I had to start keeping a list on my phone so I wouldn't forget where they all were.  He loves them and makes me drive around town to see them sometimes.  

He has grown into an amazing big brother.  He loves Sam and when I'm out of the room I can hear him talk baby talk to Sam and play with him.  It's adorable.  Of course, Sam doesn't yet steal his toys and use his bikes so maybe the situation will change in another six months.  But for now it's ridiculously cute.  And Sam adores him.  His face just lights up when Jack enters the room.

Preschool is still going fairly well and Jack has grown closer to some of his playgroup buddies...two boys in particular.  It's very cute to see them playing well together and Jack having so much fun.  He still hates crowds though and does better in one on one situations.

I love that he loves telling stories lately.  Like his mother, he doesn't tell outlandish crazy creative stories about dragons and robots and princes.  But he'll tell cool little stories about going to Grandpa's cabin or Grammy and Pop Pop's house.  

So, all in all, Jack is good.  He's a cool little kid.  He has his moments of not listening and being pretty bratty, but generally he's fun to be around.  It's a great time for him and for me to be able to hang out with him.  :)

"And...that's enough pictures.  I'm outta here."

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