Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sam is 6 months old today!

Happy 6 months Sam!  Well, we made it through the half of the first year.  Quite an accomplishment.  And it went so fast compared to Jack!  (Comparisons here.)  Man.  It's crazy.

The little guy now has his two front teeth in addition to his two bottom teeth (you might be able to see the tiny teeth in the photo above.)  He's been a bit fussy because of those teeth breaking through but that's understandable.  He seems so so interested in our food and we just starting doing a tiny bit of baby food.  To be increased exponentially I think.  I have just been putting it off because it's so messy and such a pain compared to bottles.  :)


He's still pretty darn adorable and is hanging on to those bright blue eyes.  I'm not so sure they are here to stay but I'm enjoying them for the time being.

He is so much bigger than Jack at the same age and so much stronger and into moving.  Just because he wants to keep up with his big brother.  One day soon....

As usual, Jack needed to participate in this photo shoot.  First he read Sam the sign and told him how old he was.

And then it was just time for cuteness.  :)

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