Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jack's swim lessons

Jack started an intensive 9 day swim class with a "swim whisperer" type of coach.  Day One consisted of him crying the whole time and wanting to leave.  (along with the other three kids in the class).  Day Two wasn't much better but on Day Three there was a slight turn around.  It was almost like he realized how cool it was that he was swimming a little.  And then this is video from Day 5.  Totally happy and totally proud that he has accomplished so much in five days.  I really can't believe it.  On the first day he wouldn't put his face in and couldn't swim a lick.  Now look at him!! Can't wait to see what he looks like on Day 9.


  1. So awesome!! I'd love to know more about the teacher and class situation. Alice doesn't start swim lessons until next month, and I'm afraid they might not be as effective as I'm hoping. I'd really love for her to really learn to swim and get comfortable in the water, both for enjoyment and safety. This is really amazing progress! Go Jack!!

    1. It's really great Erin. The teacher is beyond amazing. The program is called Swim 2 Dave ( and I'd say it's for ages 3 and up. It's only two weeks, every day for 30 minutes. I'd call it more "survival" then learning fancy strokes. They are learning to jump in and get to the side. And swim back and forth to the coach (with kicking). But nothing like "this is crawl stroke, this is back stroke" etc. But all I needed was for him to be able to handle himself in the pool, not start swimming competitively. :) I think they basically guarantee that the kids will be able to swim after 9 lessons and, I can't really believe it, but it's totally true.