Friday, June 13, 2014

Sam is 7 months old!

Seven months old today!  Look at that big brute.  8 teeth and loves tackling everything.  This was not the best photo shoot because all he wanted to do was eat the clipboard and wrinkle the paper.

We did manage to get some cute close-ups though.  Look at this happy kid.  

Sam is growing like a weed and so so different than Jack.  He LOVES to be away from home, loves to be surrounded by a ton of people, loves to be in the middle of the action.  He gets very bored just sitting at home with me.  Where Jack loved sitting and listening to book after book every night, I can't get Sam to sit still for a single book.  I'm afraid he won't know how to read until he's 10.  

He is strong though and is dying to crawl and walk.  Anything to keep up with his big brother.  

Jack continues to be his hero.  He can make Sam laugh and cheer him up immediately with a little playing.  I hope they continue to be best buds.  Happy 7 months Sam!

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