Monday, July 14, 2014

Visit from Grammy and Pop Pop

I've been so busy this past month with no time to post but it hasn't meant that we weren't having fun. Grammy and Pop Pop were in town for three weeks and there was lots to do! For better or worse, Grammy's full time job was taking care of Sam and Pop Pop's job was fixing up our house. Sam had a ball with her and with all the attention.



 Turns out that the little guy really enjoys being catered to every hour of the day. What can I say Sam? You should have been a first born! :)

While Grammy was taking care of Sam, Pop Pop was working around the house helping us out with about a billion house projects. Jack really enjoyed measuring things with him and using his Fisher-Price drill to help out.


John got into the action too with a little staining and finishing.


 The final and most impressive project was the handmade grandfather clock that Pop Pop drove across country from Pennsylvania. After an initial wariness from Jack about the chimes, he decided that the "chimes were very pretty". Thank goodness! The clock is certainly very beautiful.



 We, of course, gave Pop Pop some time off and he had a blast with Jack.



 We had a really great visit and I'm so happy that they got to come out and see Sam at this fun age. (And Jack of course). Plus John and I got to escape for two nights to Vegas! :) Oh, and we used the helpful babysitting opportunity to go test drive and buy a van. Yikes! Now I really am an uncool suburban mom. Luckily I don't care. Besides, it's the fanciest car I've ever owned.


Thanks for the fun visit Grammy and Pop Pop!


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  1. What a great visit and fun pictures! What wonderful grandparents to babysit so that you could get away for a couple of nights. That clock is also absolutely beautiful. Your father-in-law is amazing.

    I also love that you *finally* have a minivan :) Why wouldn't you want to drive around in maximum comfort and not strain your back getting the kids in and out of the car? Minivans are the best. (Is that a Honda?)