Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sam's 8 month doctor's visit

This cutie here had his 8 month doctor's appointment last week which he aced.  Like the happy kid he is, he didn't cry at all while the doctor examined him.  In fact, it was a lot of smiles.  She was impressed with his tan (ha!) and said he looked ridiculously healthy.  As usual, she was shocked by the number of teeth he has already (9!) and said to basically keep doing what we're doing.  It's time to add "real food" to his diet so the kiddo has been eating a lot of avocado, banana, grapes, bread, and other delightfully mushy food.  

He is pulling up and standing on EVERYTHING he can gets his hands on.  He doesn't even like crawling much, mainly because he's so intent on walking very soon.  

I have constantly been shocked by how BIG Sam seems compared to Jack at the same age.  Well, turns out he is heavier than Jack was but he's certainly not "huge" by regular standards.  Here are his stats!

Weight - 19 pounds, 15 ounces (the nurse said, "let's just call it 20.") - 55th percentile
Height - 28.5 inches - 75th percentile

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