Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sam is 9 months old!


 The little guy is 9 months old today!  You'll have to excuse the lack of expressions but he and his older brother are sick so he wasn't giving me much to work with.  Still pretty adorable though.  (And here is Jack at 9 months...)


Sammy remains one of the happiest, good-tempered kids ever.  He always has a smile for me or my friends or strangers in the store.  Everyone seems to be charmed by him, his blue eyes, and that big smile wherever we go.

As smiley as he is, this kid hates to cuddle.  He won't even let me hold him facing in.  No, it's slung in the crook of my arm, facing out, at all times.  He's just dying to see the world and all the people.  He still gets grumpy and bored at home and would rather be out at a playdate or in a store, or taking a walk.  He loves picking up Jack from school because he is in wonder at the number of kids running around.  

Still no walking on his own.  He cruises around everything and has the strongest little sumo legs...but I guess not enough balance to walk.  I'm not in a hurry though so he can take his time.  

He is an adventurous little bugger though.  I don't remember Jack getting into so much.  Sam's favorite thing is to find an open toilet seat and dive in and splash around with his hands.  So I've been very diligent about putting the covers down lately.  :)  He'll get in my tupperware drawer and empty the contents.  He'll climb up anything and everything and try to put things in his mouth.    

Sam really is a great eater.  He eats everything I give him.  Black beans, corn, hearts of palm, sausage, spinach, cauliflower, name it, he'll eat it.  Which is in stark contrast to my picky older son.

Speaking of Jack, their relationship continues to evolve.  Sam still adores Jack but one minute Jack is hugging him and saying how much he loves his baby brother and the next his pushing him down because he touched his trains.  He knows it's wrong but he's just not used to having someone be all up in his business.  It seems to be tapering off with lots of discipline and consequences from mom and dad but of course it's still there.  Probably will be forever.  :)

And of course sometimes even the hugs can get overzealous.  Poor Sam.  He's a tough cookie though.  Happy 9 months buddy!!

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