Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sam is 13 months old!

Well, a few days late BUT Sam is 13 months old!  Look at that blonde, blue-eyed cutie.

What can I say about Sam?  In some ways he is easy.  He's good-natured, extremely outgoing and social, loves meeting new people, and is completely easygoing about me dragging him all over town every day.  Then there's the other side of it.  The side that is hard.  The side of Sam that is an insane frat boy maniac.  The toddler that continuously climbs up on tables, dances on chairs, scales ladders, and runs around the house squealing.  He exhausts me every day.

But he's definitely adorable and so lovable. So much fun.

Sam's relationship with Jack remains volatile.  But when they get along, it's downright adorable.  Then it's back to wrestling.

Happy 13 months Sam!

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