Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sam is 14 months old today!


Little Sam is 14 months old today! I don't think I can say "little" anymore because the kid is huge! I'm sure one day soon he'll catch up to his older brother who is pretty darn skinny. Sam loves to eat and seems to love almost every type of food.


He's good-natured and loves people and an audience.  He loves chasing after his brother, picking up everything he sees, and asking "what's that?"  He uses that phrase all the time and it's pretty adorable.  He's trying to say a lot of words these days and is somewhat successful…mama, owl, chair, etc.  It really is a neat age as he learns so much every day.  

I think with all of the recent cuddling from Grammy and Grandma, Sam has gotten used to being held so I'm doing a lot of that lately.  Which is fine with me most of the time.  But the kid is getting heavy!  

His blonde hair and blue eyes are as cute as ever.  He loves playing with Jack…though Jack doesn't really love playing with him. At least the hitting and pushing seems to have diminished slightly.  With a long weekend away for John's birthday, we had to do this photo shoot on the fly without Jack here.  So no cute sibling photos this month.  :-(

Happy 14 months Sam!!

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