Friday, March 13, 2015

Sam is 16 months old!

Little Sammy is 16 months today! Still cute, still a maniac. The kid is constantly moving and active and wants to be out and about. He is growing every day which isn't surprising since he eats as much as a 10 year old boy. Seriously, he eats at least three times as much as Jack. Today he had three bananas along with his normal three meals and snacks. Crazy.


I truly believes that he understands everything I'm saying.  I can tell him to go get something and he comes back with it, he knows what I mean when I say it's bath time, and he because visibly upset when I tell John I'm leaving.  He points, cries, smiles, and therefore gets his point across at all times so I'm really enjoying the communication.  

Sammy is such a happy, good-natured kid.  Crazy and active, but at least such a sweet disposition.  He currently loves building towers with duplo blocks, playing trains, and shooting squirt guns outside.  

There's no doubt that he loves his big brother.  Still trying to copying him and keep up with him at every turn.  

It's so fun to watch them together.  Especially during the 25% of the time when Jack is nice and sweet to him and they are just adorable together.  

Happy 16 months Sam!

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