Monday, April 20, 2015

Sam is 17 months old today!


Well, I realize today isn't April 13th…but my computer has been down for the count so this was the first time it would allow me to load pictures. But, rest assured, these pictures were taken on his 17 month birthday. :)

Of course, he really wasn't in the mood so I didn't get many good ones. And big brother Jack wasn't home so, sadly, no sibling photos. But still…isn't he a cutie!?


A fidgety, active, curious, crazy cutie.  Who never stops moving and loves babbling and meeting new people.  Lately his favorite two things to say are "bubbles" and "it's stuck" or "I'm stuck".  Referring of course to anything and everything.  When he can't get a lid off a bottle..."it's stuck".  When he gets tangled up in his own legs in his little car…"I'm stuck."  It's adorable.

He really has such an happy cheery disposition.  He is so fun to be around…when he's in a good mood.  And he will let you know when he's not.  :)

Happy 17 months Sammy!!  

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