Friday, August 13, 2010

Today I am...14 weeks pregnant.

This past week was pretty amazing. Because this is the week we told our friends and family. I have to say, it was pretty incredible. John and I decided it was so much more satisfying and entertaining because no one expected us to be pregnant. There are those couples where you’re just waiting for an announcement. And then there are those couples where you would never imagine it. That was us. I’m hoping it wasn’t because everyone thought we’d be terrible parents. But more so because we have very time consuming, hectic careers that are not very baby-conducive. Either way, it was awesome to shock everyone we told. After pulling a bait and switch on my parents and siblings, we broke the news and the shock on their faces was priceless. And the reeling backwards and the tears. Good times. Then I took my two good girlfriends Leigh and Carolyn to grab a quick breakfast. When I denied the coffee and they commented that that was weird for me, I said I can’t drink it because I’m pregnant. Well, they both thought that was a joke and laughed and went along their merry way. Except, the joke was on them because then there was a pause and look of utter surprise crossed both their faceless. They were speechless. Yes! Another successful unveiling. The week followed like that with phone calls and get-togethers. It was a great time. You only get that celebration and surprise once, with your first pregnancy, and I’m glad ours was so memorable and joyful.

And, because it’s a weekly update, here are the stats:

How far along: 14 weeks

Baby Development: The size of a lemon, he’s not producing urine which is great news. Guess I’ll start going to the bathroom more.

Baby Movement: None. Unless you count my bloated belly.

Water Intake: Doing it.

Best Moment of the Week: Definitely telling my parents and seeing their reaction.

Current baby/pregnancy worry: Trying to quell all of my fears by laying off the internet reading.

Symptoms: Feel great! Riding the high of telling everyone.

Sleep Quality: I’ve started to wake up a couple times a night which I’ve never done.

Food Cravings: Eggs. Breakfast burrito. Status quo.

What I miss: John and I having an inside “joke” if you will. Having no one else know that I was pregnant.

What I’m Looking Forward to: Sharing pregnancy updates with my family and friends.

Trying to get done before baby: Wearing these non-maternity clothes for as long as I can

John's POV: "For a split second, I thought that we killed Lisa's dad. It was like Fred Sanford. As he staggered backwards, I began to think, maybe this wasn't a good idea..."

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